Before you start designing your brand identity you need to go through a discovery process for your business. If you want your brand to be unique and stand out of the competition you need to know your business in depth. You can start doing that by answering the following questions.

What is your business doing?

You need to have an in-depth knowledge of what your business is doing. So much so that you can explain it in a simple and understandable way to someone who has no knowledge on the subject.

How do you differ?

You also need to know, how your business differs from the competition. That way you can have some valuable data you can use to differentiate your brand identity. But beware, being different because of your dynamic staff or your merits are not enough. All businesses say the same. You need to dig deeper.

Who are you?

How big is your business? Are you an individual or does it consist of tens or hundreds of employees? What is the culture of your business? What are the main members of your business?

What is your target audience?

Before you start planning your business, it’s important to know the audience you’re targeting. Is it a small and specific audience, or large and more generic? What demographics do you aim for when trying to promote a product or service?

Other elements that are useful to consider are the interests of your audience, the way they make decisions, how they learn about your business, where do they usually hang out (either online or in real life).

How do you want to be perceived?

One more thing you need to include in your identity design process is how the public perceives your business and how you would like it to be perceived. Are these two close or is there a big gap between them? If, for example, your target group is a young audience, a modern style with bright colors would be more suitable. So, if your business has a more serious style with strict colors, you should take it into account when designing your new identity.

Summarize the answers above in a way that suits you. Keep this summary close to you throughout the identity design process. This way you will be sure that you are following the right path and do not deviate from your course and your original goal.

Source: https://getflywheel.com/layout/everything-to-know-about-client-before-you-brand-their-business/

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