When developing your personal brand, it’s essential to include a brand vision statement.

Not to be confused with a mission statement, a brand vision outlines your goals for the future.  It provides inspiration and direction for your brand.  It connects your business to the idea of a better world, creating an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience, boosting sales, and fostering loyalty.

Something inspired you to start your brand.  You saw a niche market, a need in society, and knew that you had the skills, experience, or products to meet those needs.  Before you started developing your brand, you had a dream, a vision of a future in which your business was thriving.

That’s the beginning of your brand vision.

What is a brand vision statement?

Every brand has values, purpose, and goals for the future.  A vision statement takes all these components and sums them up into a concise, easy to understand format.  A single sentence that represents the aspirations of your brand and helps you to connect with your customers.

Vision statements present the desired destination for your brand, what you want to achieve, how you want to change the world.  If you could solve the problems that your target audience is struggling with, how would the world be different?

For example, when Microsoft started, their vision statement was “A computer on every desk and in every home.”  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, makes its purpose clear with the vision “To create a world where every person has access to the sum of all human knowledge.”

A brand vision statement is a lofty aspiration of what you want to achieve through your brand, that inspires you and connects with your customers. 

Why brand vision is important

The ideas and purpose behind your brand define you.  Do you want to differentiate yourself in the market and attract loyal customers?  Presenting a vision of how your brand can change the world is a great place to start.

Vision statements communicate to your customers that your brand is about more than just generating a profit: you want to change the world.  This creates a sense of brand loyalty; people aren’t just buying a product; they’re buying into your vision

People are more inclined to support and recommend a business that looks to provide betterment of society over one focused on generating income streams. Without brand vision, the customer perceives you as just another business that wants to make a profit, with no aspirations to make the world a better place.

The brand vision isn’t just for connecting with customers and your community, though.

Your vision statement gives your brand something to aim for and reminds you of its purpose.  It keeps the end goal in sight and will inform your decision-making processes, ensuring every choice and strategy made brings you closer to your dream.  Your brand vision will inspire you on your best and worst days, driving your brand forward.

If you want to be a successful and unforgettable brand, you need to have a vision for a better world.  The renowned names like Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, and Google all started with a dream of a better future that they could bring about.  They each had a vision that connected with people, inspired them, and earned customer loyalty.

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